Otniel Andi Hermawan, S.Tr.T.

Fresh Graduate Bachelor of Vocational Engineering Electronics Engineering | Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta

Professionals in the fields of electronics, IoT Engineer, automation, machine learning, graphic design, and photography

About Me

I am a recent graduate in electronics engineering with a GPA of 3.44, I hold certifications and have national achievements in the field of reasoning. I have gained practical experience through internships and involvement in various organizations. I am capable of working both in a team and individually, possessing quick adaptability and a strong curiosity for new things. I have skills in problem-solving, project management, microcontroller programming, automation systems, and proficiency in both hardware and software support. I am interested in advancements in renewable energy strategies and technology.


Design of a Power Consumption Prediction Device with PZEM-004T Sensor Using CNN-LSTM Algorithm

Final Project

Development research of an electricity energy prediction system in the future implemented on a laboratory scale using the CNN-LSTM algorithm to handle energy monitoring cases for prediction assisted by PZEM-004T sensors to measure current, power, voltage, and the Arduino Uno microcontroller, and NVIDIA Jetson Nano.

Demo Final Project


Drop Voltage Protection System Using UVT on 3-Phase Motor Electrical Panel

Internship Final Project

Innovation project for Under Voltage Trip (UVT) protection on MCCB.

  • The ability to program PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

Design Wiring

Micrologic 2.0

  • Designing SCADA or HMI.

  • Electrical Machine Installation.

  • The ability to create a wiring diagram design.

  • The ability to perform electrical machine installation.


Competition Award

Competing in OLIVIA 2022 (Indonesian Vocational Olympics) at Yogyakarta State University participating in the field of industrial control instrumentation reasoning, creating a tool 'Design and Build Non-Invasive Blood Sugar and Oxygen Level Measurement Device' with the concept of checking both diabetic and non-diabetic patients to perform periodic and real-time checks connected to an application.

Winner 1st in Vocational Olympic Indonesian 2022

Description Project